First, what does it mean to do online fitness coaching?

How does coaching work?

The way that coaching works is actually REALLY simple

Our FOCUS is on running monthly challenge groups for our coaches and customers via a private Facebook group and helping them get results. All different ages, sizes, genders, backgrounds and Beachbody programs — and we do it TOGETHER and create a community that provides the support and accountability that so many people are missing.

I began coaching after losing 20 pounds over the period of 2 months. I was part of a challenge group and I became proof that the products work. I started sharing my story on social media and being a product of the product to everyone around me and that saw me on Facebook. Then I started running online challenge groups because people were ASKING me what I was doing to lose the weight. It’s about helping others. Is it NOT about sales– it’s helping people THROUGH the programs versus just collecting dust on a shelf.

When your challengers begin to realize that THEY TOO can inspire the people around them, they join your team as coaches and begin helping others achieve their goals. Coaching surrounds you with driven, amazing, inspiring and positive people that MAKE you want to DREAM big and PURSUE your dream life.

Join a team that is part of one of the LARGEST online fitness coaching teams in all of Beachbody. A team that is ranked in the top 1% of the entire a company. Trainings, mentorship and FUN are guaranteed!

If any of the following applies to you I want YOU on my team!

Watching someone else totally go for it can be terribly upsetting for the person who’s spent an entire lifetime building a solid case for why they themselves can’t. You Are a Badass
  • Love helping others reach their goals

  • Want to get in the best shape of your life

  • Love health and fitness

  • Want a 25% discount on all products

  • Want to meet awesome people who will inspire you to be the best version of you

  • Want to earn extra income for your family

  • Earn free trips and prizes just for helping people reach their goals



The coach membership is always $15.95 a month, whether you go on to build a million dollar business or simply want to use it as a preferred customer to receive the 25% discount. With this membership almost every product available (including Shakeology, the Performance line and all workouts) through Beachbody is available to you for 25% off.

The membership includes a complete coach online office that has 3 customizable pre-built online store websites for you to share products, sales and marketing tools, reporting and organization functions and hundreds of hours of training — it’s everything you need to build a coaching business.

That’s just what you get from Beachbody — but enrolling with me includes a ton of other resources like my private Facebook groups, training calls and all the tools and lessons I’ve learned and love to SHARE with my team.

I’ve heard of business that require THOUSANDS in start up costs! $15.95 is NOTHING. Add in the unlimited growth potential and at the very least saving 25% on products and it’s a STEAL.

There has to be a catch…..

There are NO catches! I know I thought there had to be a catch when I first found out about this membership and all I wanted was a deal on Shakeology. You can really pay $15 and get that DEEP of a discount on the products you love. NO minimums, no extra fees, no names signed in blood are required. PROMISE (would I lie to you?!?!)


You will DEFINITELY not be on your own. But it’s important to know that while I am here to help you– you build your business! You set the pace you want to build at and I match it — but you are NEVER alone. You will have exclusive access to tools, trainings, groups, webinars, team calls and the support system you need to guarantee success.

This business is yours — so it is what you make of it — but our team is all about running this race together. And if you have to start and stop or slow down on this journey, there is never any judgement, guilt or failure in our eyes. My main focus is for you to meet the goals you have set for your business so no need to worry about pressure to perform. Just know I am here to keep you accountable and focused on the things that you want for your life.

I want to assure you that if you take this business seriously — I take you seriously. My passion is to help people who are positive, go getters, who are teachable and have no excuses attitudes. I want to help you build whatever success looks like for you. My team is my family. We have met some pretty big goals and have grown a lot and I am not ready to slow down any time soon!

I want this kind of freedom and lifestyle for anyone and EVERYONE that is willing to put in the time and work like the family, freedom and future depends on it — and it truly does. Helping men and women achieve their goals is what gets me out of bed every day and excited about life!
Don’t feel like you are ready to be a coach yet? Maybe you want to focus on your own health first. Get more info on my next online weight loss group here.