Beachbody On Demand All Access Challenge Pack – The Netflix of Fitness

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Beachbody On Demand All Access Challenge Pack

I will try very hard to contain my excitement about this!  Seriously this is a GAME CHANGER for home fitness.  Our company launched a program for new coaches & customers called the Beachbody On Demand All Access Challenge Pack, and the details are absolutely mind-blowing. Digital streaming has changed the way we do SO much. As a generation, we expect … Read More

Why I broke up with Hal Higdon

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Hal Higdon…a GOD in the running world. His training plans have been used by MILLIONS of people to run successful races. So it only made sense when I began training for the Whistlestop Marathon that I would use Hal Higdon’s trustworthy, effective plans.  If they worked for millions of others they should work for me right??? Maybe I should start … Read More

Beachbody on Demand

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Ever wish you could take your workout with you wherever you go?? Now you can stream your workouts from your Apple TV, computer and phone with Beachbody on Demand! Weather you are traveling, the kids are hogging the TV or you just want to move your workout outside now you can. Ready to start your Beachbody on Demand FREE trial? … Read More

22 Minute Hard Corps #getsome

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22 minute hard corps, at home bootcamp, home fitness, mom weight loss, quick workout, HIIT

I am SO excited about this program that was just released! 22 minutes, no equipment and amazing results?!?! Sign me up!!! 22 Minute Hard Corps is the program to get you going!  It’s 22 minutes and you need NO equipment which makes it accessible for everyone!  Better yet a portion of the profits are going back to military families.  How cool … Read More