Insanity Max30-Month 2

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I am now 2 weeks into Insanity Max30 month 2.  I’ll be honest…it has been TOUGH!  Don’t get me wrong I still love it but man these work outs are killer! The first week was OK because I did not know what I was in for each day since all of the workouts change in Month 2. But when week … Read More

Why I want to throw my fit bit in the garbage!

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I received  a free fit bit about a month ago as part of a wellness program. I was so excited to get one and try it out. I quickly found lots of friends to compete with and worked hard to get to the top of the leaderboard. It confirmed what I already knew; my job is very sedentary. I spend … Read More

My journey.

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It seems appropriate to start by sharing my journey and how I came to where I am right now. I have to start by saying I never in a million years thought I would be on the path I am right now.  It’s crazy the turns your life can take! I was always an athlete in high school. I was … Read More