Building Muscle For Women

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How to build muscle for women I calculated my calorie needs for Master’s Hammer and Chisel.  It has me eating 2400-2700 calories PER DAY!!!  Scary right????  But I am trusting the process that I need to do for building muscle for women.  This program has been tested and tried by many women with AMAZING results! And I know that building … Read More

Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

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You started a weight loss program!  AWESOME! You have been exercising and eating right so you step on the scale after a couple days to check your progress.  You HAVE to have lost something because you are doing this awesome weight loss program. You step on the scale and see you have stayed the same weight or even gained some weight? … Read More

Masters Hammer and Chisel

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Want more info on Masters Hammer and Chisel? I am SO excited for this program that released December 2015!  Did you know building muscle helps burn FAT!?!? Who doesn’t want to burn fat????  And no worries you won’t look like a body builder ladies!  You will look lean and toned! Sculpt a strong, chiseled body—a perfect physique—with the breakthrough body … Read More