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I am so excited about the NEWS I just heard!!!!! A new program from AUTUMN??? YES please! I mean with results like this how could you not love her?? Get all of the info on 80 Day Obsession FIRST! Do you want to lose weight, build muscle, or feel more fit? Get unlimited access to  world-famous programs  TODAY free for … Read More

Plan Ahead {Healthy Habits}

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Good job sticking with this challenge to improve your health! We are on Day 4 of this challenge and going strong!!! Thank you so much for trusting me enough to help improve your health!! Today we are talking about planning.  Eating the right foods and exercising doesn’t happen by accident.  It happens because you plan it. First step part of … Read More

Giving up on perfection {Online Weight Loss}

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I am NOT perfect… It’s the New Year and my newsfeed has been filled with pictures of 6 pack abs and ladies with no cellulite or stretch marks. Claims that this wrap, that pill or the latest greatest workout are going to give me my perfect body just like the people in the pictures in NO time. THIS picture is … Read More