Meal Delivery Plans- Green Chef Review

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I have been eyeing all of the meal delivery plans that are out there.  There are SO many to choose from and it seems like every time I get a package in the mail there is a coupon for one of them.  And hey who doesn’t love a good deal?

I am a busy mom wife and fitness coach who sometimes has very little time to shop for groceries and my town does not have the best options when it comes to grocery stores…no ordering and easy pick up.  Total bummer!

Which of meal delivery plans is best for me?

I looked at Green Chef, Blue Apron and Hello Fresh when I was trying to decide which one to go with.  I was looking for myself NOT my family.  They eat the most boring food in the world!

Here is what I found when it comes to meal delivery plans.

Hello Fresh– They had a 2 person plan of 3 meals a week which I was looking for since the service is for me only. I live with the worlds pickiest and lover of the blandest food in the world type people.  Problem for me was they only had meat/fish or veggie option. I am 90% vegan due to inflammation issues with dairy and meat.  The veggie options would likely include dairy (because they usually do!) so that would not work for me. 50% off your first order was good and they have an app to make it easy to manage your subscription. I also liked that you could see the recipes available online.

Green Chef– They also offered a 2 person plan of 3 meals a week.  All of their ingredients are organic and they had a TON of options-vegan, omnivore, carnivore, paleo, gluten free and vegetarian.  You get $60 off your first box so that made the cost $20 for me.  They do not have an app but the website is mobile friendly and was easy to navigate from my phone. They had the menus available so you can see what the menu looks like each week.

Blue Apron–  When researching this was my least favorite because it was difficult to get information. It made me enter all of mailing and billing info prior to letting me even see what the menu options were.  All it said was you can select your meals and dietary options at checkout. They also offer a 2 person, 3 meals a week plan. They do $30 off your first box which made the price $30. Honestly I did not make it further than the screen where I was supposed to enter all of my info. I want to SEE what my options are before I give you all of my info.

After comparing all of my options for meal delivery plans I went with Green Chef.  Having the vegan option and all of the ingredients being organic made it a no brainer for me.

Get a deal on you first meal delivery plans now!

One of my big fears  of any of the meal delivery plans was a box of rotting vegetables arriving at my door. How could they ship it and keep it fresh?  With Green Chef you choose your delivery day which is nice so you can make sure you are home.

Here is what arrived at my door.

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I was SO excited to rip this baby open and see how it was packaged!  The box didn’t feel cold at all which had me worried as it had been sitting on my doorstep for a little while.

So far so good. I unpacked it all and was pleased to see the recipe cards were included nad looked easy to follow.  Most of the ingredients were chopped or pureed for the recipes which saves a ton of prep time! I was also excited that I had exactly the amount of each ingredient I needed!  I am serial overbuyer of ingredients which leads to a lot of waste when it comes to fresh food!

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My menu for the week.

meal delivery plans, green chef, green chef reviews, vegan meal delivery, green chef menu

All of the ingredients. Organic and fresh for $80!

I was pleased with packing and how fresh the ingredients were.  Now the real question was would the food taste good?

Read more about my first Green Chef Menu here.

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