My Spring Stitch Fix!

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Ok so it’s pretty CLEAR that I LOVE Stitch Fix! I mean I have kept everything in my box EVERY time!  I have not received a box since the Fall.  I would love to get one each month but that seems like overkill.  So I waited and waited for Spring to come so I could get another!

Curious about my other fixes?

It came the other day and I was SO excited to try everything on!  I asked for the same stylist as I have had for my other 3 boxes, Deena.  I keep thinking I should switch it up but then I decide to stick with her.

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So lets start with my emotional issues with this box that I talked about on my Facebook page.  Here’s what I posted:

“I got my Stitch Fix box yesterday and I was SO excited because I LOVE clothes BUT there was a part of me that was nervous about it.

I haven’t had a fix since the Fall and I have about 10 extra pounds on me right now. Overall I am comfortable with it and don’t feel “fat” or like I have somehow “failed myself”

I have joked that I will look like a beached whale in Punta Cana BUT in reality I am totally comfortable in my suits that I am bringing!

I know that I haven’t been as focused with my nutrition and I have been OK with where I am. I believe that you can’t always be in weight loss mode and I was taking some time to just be.

But I do know there are clothes I am NOT wearing right now because they just don’t fit right.

I was concerned that nothing in my box would fit me like I wanted.

My fears were confirmed. The dress while cute was tight, the shorts were tight. The shirts were ok BUT I did not like how I looked in them.

For the first time in a LONG time I looked at myself in the mirror and was like “you are fat.”

This was HARD for me. Those of you who follow me know I really try to focus on HEALTH and not the scale. I try to teach people to feel comfortable at EVERY stage of their journey. I try not to do negative self talk.

But yesterday I just couldn’t. I felt like a failure. I felt negative. I felt FAT.

I haven’t felt that way since right after my marathon (when let’s be honest I was-hello carbs!) So I took the time last night to feel it. To think about it. To come up with a plan.

THAT is when I realized how LUCKY I am! I know EXACTLY what to do. I have ALL of the tools I need to remedy the situation. I am NOT fat. I am NOT a failure. I am NOT a terrible person.

I am a woman on a journey for health. A journey that is not always easy. A journey that will have bumps in the road. And that is OK!

So I ate the last of my peanut butter eggs and jelly beans. Woke up this morning with a renewed drive to DO BETTER FOR ME.

Now the real question is what do I do with those clothes. I am a big believer in goal clothes and I know that they will fit easily even if I just get rid of 5 pounds….

Decisions, decisions…..”

Get started on your 365 days of fitness NOW!

Who knew a box of clothes could stir up so much emotion.  After trying my fix on the first time I promptly put them back in the box never to be thought of again…well at least not until the next day.

I took the clothes back out today and tried them on again.  GOOD NEWS…they fit better.  I guess that cheese bread stick I ate really did give me some bloat!  Still not as well as I wanted them to fit but BETTER than the first time I tried everything on!

Ok enough with the emotions, let’s get to fun part…the clothes!

Item 1: Q&A Tarria Pleating Detail Blouse $54

Coral sweater and jeans are mine.

When I tried this blouse (using that word makes me feel 80!)  on solo I wasn’t sure. Once I paired it with the sweater I liked it a lot more.  I LOVE prints and it’s perfect for summer because it is sleeveless but also works for work.

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Item 2: Market and Spruce Harley Lace Yoke Blouse $54

Item 3: Level 99 Cindie Linen Short $78

I own these shorts in a floral pattern seen here . I GUSHED about these shorts in my review of that box so Deena listened and sent me a more neutral pair that I of course love even if they are a little tighter than I want.

The blouse (there’s the word again) I wasn’t sure. It has some pretty lace detail on the shoulders and back. I love the color and I think I will like the fit more when I’m a little lighter and the girls are a little smaller.

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Item 4: Market and Sprite Careen V-Neck Dolman Knit Top $48

I did what I said I wouldn’t do after my last fix. I peeked on the app once they said my box shipped so I knew what was coming.  I couldn’t wait!  When I saw this top was going to be in the box I was like eh…probably not.

Well it’s so soft and actually I really like it, but again will like it better once I am a little lighter.  It’s very lightweight so perfect for spring days and summer nights.

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Item 5: Hailey 23 Brittney Knit Dress $74

This is the item that made me have all the feels the first time I tried on the clothes. It’s tight around the tummy and I had SERIOUS bloat going that I did not realize! Once again reminds my WHY I stay away from dairy. I felt AWFUL in it and there was NO way I thought I would keep it.

I tried it on again and realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Don’t get me wrong the side view still makes me look 4 months pregnant but much better than the first go round.  This is also a low cut dress.  I am blessed with a chest and I don’t like it too exposed. BUT I am going on  tropical vacation with my husband next week so I should try and sex it up right?

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So now the BIG question what did I do?

The grand total for all 5 items BEFORE the 25% discount you get if you buy all 5 items was 308.00. Then there is the $20 styling fee that is credited back towards your purchase IF you buy anything. I had to get at least one thing since I had to pay the styling fee.

I knew I wanted the shorts (before you judge me for getting $78 shorts I DARE you to TRY these shorts! So soft, so comfy!).  I also liked both of the blouses (3 times in one post people!) and the dolman top was growing on me.  So the only piece I really wasn’t sure about was the dress.

Total for the 4 items would be $234, minus the styling fee $214.

Total for all 5 items with the 25% discount (I also had $25 in credit for a referral)


So guess what?!?! I bought it all again!  Goes to show that with your fix you gotta try it on, then set it aside and try it on again with outfits to really KNOW if you love it.

Deena nailed it again. I told her I was going on vacation and wanted some stuff for that and stuff for spring/summer. I still love Stitch Fix because I would NEVER even consider trying on $78 shorts at the store and would not have picked that dolman top off the rack.

I haven’t decided when I will get another fix but I am thinking it would be a nice reward for hitting my health goal. I would like to maybe find some awesome jeans and of course other cute clothes.

Are you ready for your own Stitch Fix? I promise they aren’t all as emotionally charged as this one was!  Check it out!

Maybe you are feeling like I was and want to reach some goals before you reward yourself with some new clothes.  Reserve yourself a spot in my next online group and let’s get to work!

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