FitBit tracker review. Is it worth it?

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fit bit review, marathon training, mom running, FitBit Charge HR

A few years ago I got a FitBit Flex for free through my husbands health insurance plan. I wrote about how it drove me crazy because it did not track my exercise.  I would do 60 minutes of Insanity and it would be give me 10 active minutes!  Talk about annoying.  I could have really used a FitBit tracker review before I got started!

Why I wanted to throw my fit bit flex in the garbage.

So I abandoned my Flex LONG AGO.  I did not feel it was a true measure of my activity or my health.

Over the past year I have seen many of my friends posting about their FitBit and was intrigued by the newer models that had heart rate monitors.  I was curious if it would do a better job tracking my exercise.  BUT I could NOT bring myself to pay $150 for something I didn’t really NEED.

Total shocker given that I LOVE to shop and can justify almost any purchase but I could just NOT commit to the FitBit!

The Charge HR FitBit tracker review

Recently FitBit released a new model, so the Charge HR I had been eyeing was on sale for $50 on one of my favorite daily deals site. I took it as a sign and snatched up a pretty, pink FitBit Charge HR.

FitBit tracker review, fit bit review, marathon training, mom running, FitBit Charge HR

FitBit tracker review, Me and my pretty pink FitBit

I was so excited the day it came and was a bit FitBit obsessed for the first few weeks. Now that I have had it for a month I thought I would give my pro and con list to the FitBit Charge HR.  Let’s get into my FitBit tracker review of the Charge HR.


-It got me running again.  I hadn’t run since my marathon. I had NO desire to run.  But I kept getting invited to these workweek hustles and Weekend warrior challenges.  I quickly learned the way to leave my competition in the dust was to go for a run.

FitBit tracker review, fit bit review, marathon training, mom running, FitBit Charge HR

FitBit tracker review

-I am more aware of how INACTIVE I am on the weekends.  I average about 5,000 steps unless I run or make a conscious effort to get more steps in.

-It is accurate at measuring my heart rate. It’s fun to see HOW HIGH my heart rate gets during some of my home workouts.  Like this fun one below!


-I can use the mileage tracker to easily see how long my run is without having to wear my running watch. I think it could give me a bunch of other info about my run if I had the app going on my phone while I run but I refuse to run with my phone.

Let’s be FitBit friends!


-Still not tracking all activity. Some days I do weights and it gives me very few active minutes for that. This drives me crazy because weights are SO important. Just because I am not jumping all over the place doesn’t mean I am not doing something good for my body.

-Steps aren’t everything. My BIGGEST pet peeve with FitBits are that people think getting their steps in is all they need to do. YES getting 10,000 steps per day it totally awesome BUT it may not help you lose the weight you want. To lose weight you need to get your HEART RATE up.  Not to mention if all you do is get your steps in but do NOTHING about your nutrition you’re likely not going to reach your goals.

-I lose.  I know some of my FitBit friends have jobs where they walk all day.  I walk some but not as much as a nurse on the floor so I call FOUL and unfair advantage…hey I am competitive.

-It’s not a cute fashion accessory.  Although it is pink which I love it doesn’t really “go” with most of my outfits and is a little bulky.

So my take on FitBits.  I think it is a great START to getting more active BUT I don’t think it covers all areas of health and may lead some people to miss things they need to be doing.

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FitBit tracker review:  My final thought

If I had been wearing a FitBit 3 years ago I guarantee I was killing my step goal each day BUT I was GAINING weight. I was NOT healthy.  Now I probably reach 10,000 steps a couple days per but BUT I am down 40 pounds.  So again STEPS AREN’T EVERYTHING!

At a price point of $150 I think your money would be better spent on a fitness program that gives you the workouts, calendar, nutrition and plan and the support of an online group.

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