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best breakfast shake,

Anyone else feel like there are NOT enough hours in the day to get it all done?  As a mom working full time, breakfast is the meal that I always used to skip.  Finding the best breakfast shake was nowhere on my radar!  I mean I love these three but really…….

I was busy packing lunches, signing slips for field trips, writing checks for lunch money, reminding about homework, boots etc, wrangling dogs, making sure everyone got out the door and ensuring I looked presentable for work.  Then I would get to work and be sitting at my desk without breakfast and a grumbling stomach. Enter a binge on anything I could find and gaining 40 pounds over 4 years!

I was never a “shake person”  I felt like I wanted to eat my food.  Which is totally fine IF I actually sat down and ate something.  But most mornings I just wasn’t eating at all! So something had to give.  I decided to start trying a shake for breakfast.

So the quest began to find one that had actual ingredients not just sugar, chemicals and soy. I learned quickly that not all shakes are created equal.  In search of the best breakfast shake, let’s compare some labels shall we?

This a popular shake that will get you skinny fast according to the name.  The first thing that strikes me is the amount of sugar.  But maybe it’s from fruit….nope. The second ingredient is corn syrup.  The shake is mostly sugar and water, then we get some protein from milk.  I also notice soy as an ingredient.  There are many reasons that soy in anyone’s diet should be limited.  This wasn’t the best breakfast shake I was looking for.

Here’s one guaranteed to give me says so right in the name!  And chocolate for breakfast? Sign me up.  The good news is it’s low on sugar, the bad news is the sugar used is sucralose.  Although low in calories it can cause a host of other health issues. There is also soy in this shake and we know how I feel about soy.  Again, not the best breakfast shake!

Here’s another popular protein powder. Looks decent but….SOY.

Basically every label I looked at was either mostly fake sugar OR had soy in it which were 2 things I was trying to steer clear of.  I thought about making my own shake but the time (and money!) it would take me to gather all of the fruits and veggies I wanted to put in it and the protein would take me as long as it takes to prepare a breakfast so that defeats my entire purpose of trying to find the perfect breakfast shake.

I heard about a shake that was soy free, responsibly sourced, filled with superfoods that I could not get in the food I ate every day. It also boasted that it could increase my energy, decrease my cravings and improve digestion.  Since it met my minimal requirements of being low sugar and soy free I thought “what the heck?”.  (Click on image for clearer picture) Sugar is from fruit.  This one is vegan and still does not use soy as a protein source.  And look at all of those superfoods (not chemicals).  There was also a money back guarantee so why not try it?

After trying it for 30 days I was sold. SO MANY. RECIPES.  And it tasted amazing!  I had found my best breakfast shake!  Here are a few of my favorite breakfast shake recipes.

breakfast shake recipes, shakeology recipes

breakfast shake recipes, shakeology recipes

breakfast shake recipes, shakeology recipes

breakfast shake recipes, shakeology recipes

Not only did my breakfast shake taste amazing but it increased my energy, improved my digestion and helped me get off my thyroid medication!  Totally worth it!

Try it for yourself and see what you think and hey why not get a 25% discount on it!

If you try any of these breakfast shake recipes I would love to know what you think so leave me a comment below!

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