Meal prepping tools you need!

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When I started on my own health and fitness journey 3 years ago I was LOST on how to prep.  I was overwhelmed thinking about what needed to get done and how to prep my food so I could be successful. Over the years I have learned of some meal prepping tools that have helped make my meal prep much smoother.

So why not share them and save you all some time right???

Meal prepping tools in my kitchen now…


I use a ton of fresh vegetables when I cook so a chopper makes food prep so much easier.  Here is the one I LOVE.  I can chop an entire tomato in less than a minute and no crying over onions.

vegetable chopper, meal prep, kitchen tools

And here it is in action near the end of this video…

Flavored Olive Oils and vinegars

An olive oil store opened in my town 2 years ago.

Up until that point I had no really used any flavored oils or vinegars and thought they were weird and fancy! After going to the store and trying some I was HOOKED.

Now I roast my veggies in flavored oils-my favorites are white truffle and dill. I also add vinegars to my sautéed  veggies and add to my meat.  It’s a great way to add a ton of flavor without a ton of calories.

Mason Jars

The ultimate meal prepping tool!

First HOW PRETTY does it look?  Second I love the uniformity of them.

I can stack them on top of one another and be able to fit all of my prep for the week in my fridge. No more different shaped tupperware to try and get to all fit in the fridge.  BONUS no plastic so I am not getting any extra yucky chemicals in my food.

mason jar salads, how to make a mason jar salad, quick lunches

One of the first reasons I got into Mason Jars was mason jar salads.

Oster My Blend

No I don’t get any money from suggesting this little meal prepping tool,  but it is the best and it’s $20! I use it every day to blend my shake. I love that all I have to clean is the blade and I can blend it right in the bottle I am going to drink from!

Good knives

Maybe these are the most obvious meal prepping tool, but they are essential!  It’s a good idea to have some nice sharp knives for cutting up all of those fruits and veggies.  cutting the ends of a sweet potato with a dull knife = no fun.  We have Wustoff and I love them!

Spices(and lots of them!)

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These aren’t necessarily meal prepping tools, I’ll admit!  But, they are essential ingredients.  Fresh herbs are fabulous but I don’t always have them on hand so having the staples around to use in a pinch is great. They make freeze dried basil, oregano and cilantro which I always try to keep on hand. Smoked Paprika is another must in my cabinet and adds a yummy flavor that I like way better than traditional paprika.

Thug Kitchen Cookbook

Whether you are a vegan or not this cookbook is filled with amazing recipes that will make you love veggies and teach you how to prepare beans and veggies properly.  WARNING: Must have a sense of humor and be OK with profanity.

Try a recipe from the cookbook now!

Portion Containers

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These little meal prepping tools  have changed my WHOLE like and the way that I look at food.  Read more about these and how they have helped me with portion control without cutting out food groups here.

Purchase containers now and get started on getting those portions under control.

Frozen fruit

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Let’s be honest who has time to chop up a mango or some peaches?  Not me most of the time! So I buy frozen fruit to use for my shakes, oatmeal and even my peach salsa.  It saves me so much time and the I can’t tell the difference.


Time in the kitchen doesn’t have to be boring.  Crank to tunes from Amazon prime and JAM!  My favorite station is All the 2000s!  Bring be right back to my college days.

Want to dance for a workout too?  Check this out!

Small kitchen blender

I have a large food processor but often I need to chop up a small amount of something for a sauce or dressing.  For a meal prepping tool, a small kitchen blender like this is a lifesaver and MUCH easier to clean!

Great recipes to make with your prep tools.

And here are some videos of my prep and how I put it all together.  Prep doesn’t have to be hard you just have to reserve some time to get it done!

Meal prep tips

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What is your must have kitchen tool???

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