Best natural hypothyroid treatment for me

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Best natural hypothyroid treatment

You may be asking “Alison why are you showing me a picture of your messy drawer, and is the best natural hypothyroid treatment somewhere in there???”

Let me explain.

For 6 years I took levothyroxin for my under active thyroid (hypothyroid). After years of feeling fatigued ALL of the time I actually felt rested after a night sleep. It was a miracle drug! I had less fatigue, could wake up in the morning and feel rested and didn’t have monthly crashes where I couldn’t even get out of bed. Unfortunately the magical weight loss didn’t happen even with this drug👎🏻

I was totally cool with taking pills EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!💊

They made me feel awesome (or so I thought) so what’s the harm in taking these for next 30+ years??😬

How I found the best natural hypothyroid treatment for me

Fast forward to October 2013. I started eating better, drinking Shakeology and finally losing weight💪🏻

After a couple months I stopped taking the pills just to see what would happen.

As it turns out,  superfood nutrition is even BETTER than any pill!

I felt amazing! Energy was still there, no crashing and no monthly trips to pick up my prescription. My doctor ran my labs and was happy to see that my levels were NORMAL after 6 months of not taking my pills. In the past, the only normal thyroid labs I had seen were taken while I was on medication!

The best part was I felt even better than I ever had when I was taking them!

I keep this bottle of pills in my drawer to this day to remind me of how far I’ve come.

  • Pills – no more!
  • Migraines – gone!
  • Squeezing into clothes – not anymore!
  • Shame about my size – nope!
  • Yo yo dieting – done!

I’m so happy I decided to take control of my health and stopped thinking this is just the way life is.

Pills, embarrassment, shame, unhappiness about myself, sadness, fatigue, dreading wearing a swimsuit

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS! You CAN change your life and your health NOW 🕚TODAY 📖


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