Supplements Used on the Ultimate Reset

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Supplements on the Ultimate Reset

I am currently in the middle of my second Ultimate Reset.  I have been receiving a lot of questions about when I am doing so I trying to write about the many different questions.

One of the BIG questions I get is about the supplements on the Ultimate Reset.

“How many do I have to take”

“Do I get to eat any food”

“How do they taste”

I thought I would take some time to explain each one to you.


This a capsule form.  It promotes healthy metabolism and effective body functions. It’s a blend of systemic enzymes that help turn back the clock and restore your body to it’s full function.  It includes came-camu, vitamin C, Flavanoids and amino acids to help promote an optimal immune response and help manage your body’s natural inflammatory response.

How often do I take it? 2 capsules 3 times per day for the entire 21 days. It is also recommended to continue with this even after your reset is over.


This is a capsule form. It helps enhance digestive health and support the reduction of inflammation. It has organic aloe vera and Curcumin. The aloe vera is hand-harvested to ensure only mature leaves are picked and hand filleted to keep only the beneficial gel while discarding the rind which is known to contain contaminants.  Curcumin promotes the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response as well as helping eliminate free radicals.

How often do I take it? 2 capsules in the evening for the entire 21 days.

Results from my last Ultimate Reset

Power Greens

This is a powder form that you mix with water. It helps maintain the alkalinity of your body. It’s filled wtih greens that will help neutralize excess acid in your system which promotes a strong immune system and natural anti-inflammatory response.

How often do I take it? 1 time daily in the afternoon mixed with water

HONEST TAKE: This is the hardest supplement.  The first few days it doesn’t taste’s spinach and other greens!  I used the plug and chug method (plug my nose and chug) As you go through the reset you get used to it and it’s not as bad.


This is powder form that you mix with water.  This helps remove toxins and waste in the colon. When this supplement was designed they set out to create it so that it was not a “take it and run to the bathroom” cleanser. It cleanses, restores and resets the intestinal ecosystem while not forcing the bowels to release

How often do I take it? 3 times per day during phase 2 (week 2)

HONEST TAKE: It looks like sawdust.  It has garlic, lemon flavor but an odd texture to it.  I don’t mind it.


This is capsule form.  It helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract. These capsules combine both pro- and probiotics, helping your body maintain the right environment for health intestinal flora and providing them with the nutriton they need to grow.

How often do I take it? 3 times per day during phase 3 (Week 3)

The program also recommends the use of distilled water and adding mineralize (pink himalayan salt) to your water.  I don’t do this. I just drink my tap water. Shhhhh don’t tell the Reset gods!

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