Beachbody on Demand

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Ever wish you could take your workout with you wherever you go??

Now you can stream your workouts from your Apple TV, computer and phone with Beachbody on Demand!

Weather you are traveling, the kids are hogging the TV or you just want to move your workout outside now you can.

Ready to start your Beachbody on Demand FREE trial?

Beachbody on Demand for Apple TV/Computer/Chromecast

-No more fumbling with DVDs

-Can stream purchased programs within 48 hours. No more waiting for the program to come in the mail!

Digital unlocks of many popular programs at a reduced price

-Access to all of the printable materials from all of the programs

-Access to Brazil Butt Lift, P90x, P90x2, P90x3, Insanity, Chalene Extreme, Insanity the Asylum, Hip Hop Abs and MANY more for only $40 every 3 months!

Beachbody on Demand App for Iphone

-All of the perks above PLUS

-Download SEVEN workouts to your phone so you don’t need wifi to workout

-Access to ALL of the programs with wifi

-Access to all of the nutrition guide info on the go

-Take your workouts with you anywhere

Tutorial of Beachbody on Demand

Get started with Beachbody on Demand right now!

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