21 Day Fix prep-How to get ready.

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I’ve been a 21 Day Fix fan since I discovered the program when it was first released 2 years ago. I committed to the workouts and had amazing results.

21 day fix results,21 day fix planning, 21 day fix containers, how does the 21 day fix work, preparing for the 21 day fix, 21 day fix prep  I love the meal plan because it is really about lifestyle changes, not a quick-fix diet. I was shocked to learn how WRONG the ratios of food I was eating were!  Way too many carbs and not enough veggies! I always thought that I knew what I needed to eat to lose weight but just wasn’t doing it.

It’s an amazing plan that teaches a LONG TERM way to eat BUT when your challenge pack arrives in the mail, the whole thing can seem overwhelming. When you are doing 21 Day Fix prep your head is swirling with all of the containers and trying to remember which one is for which food can be very confusing at first. This post is for all of you trying to make sense of it all and complete your 21 Day Fix prep. I run challenge groups each month as a coach and would LOVE to have you join my next one if you are needing more support.

Tips for a successful 21 Day Fix Prep

MEAL PLANNING Checklist for 21-Day Fix

  • Read the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan book from cover to cover. It will help explain the container counts and how to tally your foods
  • Figure out your calorie level (page 4 of the 21-Day Fix Eating Plan book)
  • Plan out your containers for the day.  Here is an example

21 day fix planning, 21 day fix containers, how does the 21 day fix work, preparing for the 21 day fix, 21 day fix prep

  • Create your menu plan based on healthy foods you enjoy. I have TONS of 21 day fix approved recipes here.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE! At first you are going to want to stick to basic meals.  Example: chicken with a seasoning with veggies as a side.  As you get more comfortable with the containers you will be able to make more complex meals with ease.
  • Don’t forget about your FREE foods.  Seasonings, favored vinegars and mustard are your friends on the 21 day fix! They add a ton of favor without using ANY containers!
  • Create your shopping list
  • Plan ahead.  Make your meals for a couple days at a time so you are not scrambling to figure out what you can eat.
  •  Be sure you know the 21 Day Fix Container sizes and measurements in case your containers are in the dishwasher or you lose one. Remember you don’t HAVE to eat from the containers, just use them to measure out your portions
  • Get your 21-Day Fix snacks ready. Corresponding colored baggies can be found at Target and Walmart. You can also pre-measure fresh veggies, nuts and fruits and label them so you know what container it counts as.TRACKING RESULTS for 21-Day Fix
  • Before and After Measurements – use the guide that came with your 21 day fix to take measurements and record them
  • Take your before/after photos. Did you know you’re eligible for a FREE t-shirt when you submit your before and after photos? So many people SKIP this step and even if you never show them to anyone it’s SO rewarding to look back at you before pictures!


  • Make copies of your 21-Day Fix Tally Sheets and put them somewhere you can easily get to them to track your containers OR download an app to your phone to track your containers. I love the 21 Day Fix App by Beachbody
  • You can even print labels for your 21 Day Fix containers so you remember what to put in each one and how many servings are allotted per day.
  • Also, be sure to budget your time. When will you fit in your meal planning? Workouts?
  • Create jars of 21 Day Fix Seasonings mixes so they are ready for meal prep.
  • Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions as you go along.

If you’re wondering something, let me know so I can answer it for you! Want online support and accountability? Join MY next 21 Day Fix Challenge Group!

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